Saturday, May 15, 2010

Herbal Gardening, Part 5

Herbal Gardening, Part 5

Our seedlings started indoors are sprouting, and it's time to start thinking about constructing our container garden.

Here's a list of items I think we'll need. I was hoping to get it all for under $50, but the numbers are adding up to way more than that:

Item Description Each QTYTotal
Boards 2X6X8 lumber $3.64 9 $32.76
Clothesline Plastic Clothesline $6.57 1 $6.57
Nails 1/2 Lb. Box, 16D $1.99 1 $1.99
Nails 1/2 Lb. Box, 8D $2.24 1 $2.24
Landscape fabric3 Ft. x 50 Ft. $14.971 $14.97
Tomato cage Blue Ribbon Ultomato$6.47 4 $25.88
Peat moss 3 Cu. Ft. $11.272 $22.54
Compost 1.5 Cu. Ft. $4.63 4 $18.52
Vermiculite 3 Cu. Ft. $6.00 2 $12.00
TOTAL $137.47

So, we'll see if we can find some bargains, or look at less expensive ways of accomplishing the same things.

Perhaps we can use plastic tubs or buckets for the herb garden alongside the driveway, reducing the lumber required to build our 3-foot by 4-foot containers alongside the garage.

The tomato cages could be made of dowels or scrap wood.

The landfill or local nursery might have less expensive compost.

Any other ideas?